My Heart Belongs To You Lord Day #11

Posted on October 25, 2012 at 1:05 PM

As I started on this journey of working on my relationship with the Lord, I have learned to stand on a few things that He gave me such as: Faith, Courage, Strength, Truth and Love. Through this walk, I have laughed, cried, forgiven, prayed, praised and so much more. Building a relationship with God has been scary and funny, all at the same time, as well as rewarding and comforting. Through prayer I have learned to hear His voice. May your walk with God be the most exciting thing to take place in your life, because this kind of high can’t be purchased at any price, it’s been paid for at the cross… Melinda

First, I would like to remind you that this is a blog about MY walk with God. I have been instructed to share so that you may feel encouraged and strengthened to find the will to pursue God for yourself. What He is sharing with me has a lot to do with where I was when I lifted my hands to Him and where I come from; How I receive and who I was before the fact of who I am becoming. God is doing wonderful things in me and I’m working hard to keep my focus on Him. Day #11 is just the beginning, I look forward to day #.... oh wait…. He said,

“Melinda, focus on today!”


I have been working on Time Management for the last 7 or 8 days now. I am learning that there are MANY areas that fall under time management.

- Being on Time

- Making Time

- Arranging Time

- Learning to say No

- When to say Yes

- How to be a good mother

I started to learn this when I started to research the characteristics of a Godly Woman. My study guide, of course has been the book of Proverbs in Chapter 31. After I had learned a little something about forgiveness, God placed in my heart to look at what it took for me to be able to forgive. The recipe called for PRAYER!

Well, the problem for me is that I don’t have time to PRAY ALL THE TIME. Doesn’t the word say, meditate on his word day and night???? Who has time for that in these days?

“But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in his law he meditates day and night.” Psalm 1:2

Mhm, it sure does. So I felt the need to get “religious” and tell God what MY LIFE is about. You know, explaining to God why I can’t do what He expects of me because of where I am in life? I thought that this walk was going to be about holiness and thou shall do and thou shall nots…. God said clearly to me, “Time Management”.

So I start jumping in to learning about managing my time and rearranging my schedule and I need to buy a calendar for the wall and a calendar for my purse and an agenda book and … Lord I don’t have money for all of this right now. He said, Be Still.

He has spoken to me about jumping ahead of myself while learning how to forgive. He has mentioned patience and perseverance. Then He ties it into Time Management for me. He didn’t ask me to read the bible in a year. He didn’t ask me to memorize a verse. He asked me to WAKE UP AT 4 AM EVERYDAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK TO PRAY! Lord I’ll read the book in a year! I PROMISE! (shaking my head at myself)

My only assignment at this time is to wake up at 4 am to start my day in prayer. (shaking my head again). I thought God knew me and loved me… (pouting) Then He reminds me,

“Do all things without complaining and disputing.” Philippians 2:14

So I started waking up at 4am as of Saturday 10/20/12, to pray. Let me share this with you:

Day 1 = Woke up at 4am, “Thank You Father for a brand new day, you didn’t say how long I had to pray. I love You in Jesus’s Name, Amen.” Back to sleep by 4:08am

Day 2 = Woke up at 4am, got OUT OF BED, walked over to the kitchen, took a piece of bread out and prayed bent over the sink with a full mouth, “Thank You Father for a brand new day and for teaching me about forgiveness and you still didn’t say how long I had to pray (walking back to my bed), I love You in Jesus’s Name, Amen.” Back to sleep by 4:20am

Day 3 = Woke up at 4am, stayed in bed while I prayed for myself and others. ((Not sure what time I went back to sleep)

Day 4 = Woke up at 4am, turned on K-Love on my cell phone, prayed and praised. I learned about the importance of scheduling my day, starting with prayer. I never went back to bed. I started my day, calmly and peacefully. With joy in my heart I had a GREAT day!

Day 5 = Woke up at 4am, “Thank you Father….” Back to sleep by 4am and something seconds

Day 6 = Woke up at 4am, opened up my bible, turned on K-Love, prayed and praised and dove into the word. The day is looking great today.

This is my only assignment at this time. He hasn’t told me how long to pray for. He hasn’t made me feel bad about the past 5 days. As a matter of fact I have laughed a lot about it. I mean just the fact that God wants ME to wake up at 4am was funny.

What have I learned so far? My days are longer. I have made time to pray and have a moment for just God and I. I am calmer in the morning now. We haven’t been “racing” out the house with me in an outrage of why we are running late. Rosie and I have sat down for breakfast together.

These 6 days have been about making a choice to pursue Him. The victory of this week has been that I HAVE woken up at 4 am. The two out of 6 days that I did it “right” in my mind, I spent ½ an hour with God. Those two days I had more self control during the day. I feel peaceful and loved. The moment in prayer with Him, I felt as though He had His arms wrapped around me.

I use to let other people tell me what I should change in myself. Either by reading books about God or by consulting with people of God. Today, GOD told me to work on waking up to spend some alone time with Him. Only He knows me inside and out!

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

You are Blessed and Highly Favored, in Jesus’ Name!

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