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Posted on June 8, 2014 at 12:45 AM

Everyday is a challenge. I who proclaim, "I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE!".... I realize that a lot of times, my words are meaningless, BUT God says:

"For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say."  Luke 12:12

So I sit here with a revelation in my head.  Words that I have to write BUT my thoughts keep screaming at me:

"Your heart is in the right place BUT who are YOU to talk about God's love? God loves you BUT look at what YOU do!  Why should anyone want to hear what YOU have to say?  Your actions do not prove your love!  I know you want to write these nonsensical words BUT no one cares to hear the words of a hypocrite, best to leave it all alone and learn how to take baby steps!"

There you have it, my thoughts in writing!  What do you see?

Let me tell you what I see:







Ok, let me clarify something here.  I am sharing this in case YOU (my reader) can relate to this.  This is NOT Truth! Those thoughts are NOT from God. Had I acted upon those thoughts, you would not be reading this blog! (Can I get an Amen for Rebuking the devil and letting God turn something ugly into something beautiful?)

Basically, all I wanted this blog to say today is: Take off the but!

 He (God) showed me how I have allowed "but" to erase His truths in my life. Leading me to believe that I didn't really know His word or that I couldn't do His word!  The truth is, His word is in my heart and all I need to do is put it into action in my life!  Take on the challenge of using "but" the correct way and see what happens!

Have you ever heard that but negates anything you have said prior to saying but?  I have been taught to stop saying "But"..

Melinda:  I know I was wrong BUT he hurt me!

Melinda:  I know I have to go to work BUT I don't feel good!

Melinda:  Yes, I want to pray in the morning/evening BUT I have no time!

Melinda: I'm sorry for what I said too BUT next time just don't talk to me like that!

Melinda: I love you BUT this just isn't working!

Do you see it?  Think about how you would feel if I said that to you?  Don't you see how it doesn't matter what is being said before "BUT"!  A person hearing those words, will FOCUS on the words AFTER "BUT"

So I started learning how to take off my "but"!  (smiling) And I'm getting pretty good at it too!  I have added "yet still" or "and" in place of "but"!

Now today, He shared something new to me! He said, "Be creative and rearrange your words!"

Melinda: He hurt me, but I was wrong. - Please forgive me!

Melinda: I don't feel good but I have to go to work. - Father thank You for Your healing!

Melinda: I have no time but I want to pray in the morning/evening. - I can do ALL things through Christ....

Melinda:  Next time just don't talk to me like that, but I AM sorry for what I said too. - I forgive you!

Melinda: This isn't working but I love you. - Pray blessings over those who hurt you.

Do you feel the power, the positivity, the love, the devotion, the desire, the Spirit of God stirring inside of you? See the difference when you change your "but"?  God's word gives us LIFE and He gives us the weapons to stand up and honor His word!

When you rearrange how you speak and line it up with God's word, you will bless others with His love. You will be humbled to His likeness. You become a fruit instead of poison!

Yes, baby steps! Learn how to stop saying "but"!  Let Him teach you how to be creative in hearing His words in your heart and keeping them safe! 

"Then he taught me, and he said to me, "Take hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands, and you will live.""

~Proverbs 4:4

Let this sink in. Think and meditate on what I am telling you here. 

After thinking for  moment of all that I have written, God showed me things that I can do to teach my children. When I rearranged my words, I felt a desire to succeed, to build, to encourage, to enable, to love, to honor.....

Choose your words wisely!

And finally:

"So I sit here with a revelation in my head. Words that I have to write BUT my thoughts keep screaming at me."


My thoughts keep screaming at me but I sit here with a revelation in my head. Words that I have to write!

In Jesus Name I pray for the Mighty word of God to bless ALL who love Him and cherish His words. May Your words, Father, continue to peel off the old (wo)man and bring out the New Beloved Creation that mirrors You. Giving us strength and courage to seek out those wanting to be our enemies with Love so that they may have an opportunity to see You through us!

In Jesus's Name, Amen!

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